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As the nights lengthen and the spookiest festivities approach, brace yourself for an extra spine-chilling appearance by Signus. The mysterious aura intensifies, promising an eerie addition to your celebrations!

8-pack of Signus stickers + Calamity Logo sticker.

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Conjure the intrigue and mystery of Signus into your everyday life by adorning your belongings with this Sticker Pack. Whether you’re decorating your water bottles, laptop, or any other surface, let Signus weave a tapestry of wonder around you. Embrace the unknown and make every day an adventure with the Signus Sticker Pack!

This pack includes 8 awesome Signus stickers + a special themed Calamity logo sticker

For your reference, the Main Signus Sticker measures approximately 8.6cm x 6cm (3.38″ x 2.36″) in size.

Our stickers feature a white border surrounding the colored borders of the sticker, which serves as an easy peel edge. This design element enables you to effortlessly separate the sticker from its backing with speed and convenience. With effortless contouring to any shape, our stickers excel on rounded or sharp corners. Plus, they are easily repositionable when handled gently.

Printed and crafted in Berlin, Germany from premium vinyl, our stickers offer a degree of water resistance. Remember, they’re not meant for underwater or extreme conditions. Keep them dry for optimal stickiness and long-lasting enjoyment.

Signus Stickers by Nitro.

Disclaimer: If these stickers begin emitting faint whispers and/or fading in and out of reality, please ignore it. It is not real. It is not real. It is not real. It is not real. It is not real.

Please note that the images displayed are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may have slight variations due to the inherent differences in displaying capabilities between printed objects and backlit digital monitors. Rest assured, we strive to provide the best representation of our products for your satisfaction.

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