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Custom Design

The black mousepad surface and the stitched edges will be covered by our partners custom design, printed in a high quality resolution.

Stitched Edges

Prevents the mousepad surface and bottom from separating after extensive usage, unlike other, lower-quality mousepads.

Speed & Control

Our mousepad surface gives you the ability to have excellent control over your mouse while maintaining fast speeds during action packed moments.

Anti Slip

Our rubberized bottom will prevent the bottom from slipping away as you move your mouse.

What’s making our mousepads so great

Our mousepads are true, high quality gaming mousepads. Giving you excellent control during heated gameplay. Our mousepads paired with your skills is the recipe for success, whether it’s on the Battlefield or while creating stunning illustrations.

Why people love YouPads


with a lot of love and passion right in Berlin, Germany - the center of Europe.

Premium Materials

for a great, long lasting experience with our mousepads, for everyday usage or heavy gaming.

Planting Trees

and helping forests to grow around the world in order to compensate for our carbon footprint.

Customer Service

Need Help? Feel free to contact us and you'll be greeted by a human being, not a bot.

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