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Dear Community,

In the last couple of months, YouPads has undergone some major changes regarding the production of our mousepads. You might remember that YouPads used to produce the mousepads in China, with the new EU customs taxation and China’s gradual change of its free shipping policy we’ve decided that it was time to establish our own production facility locally.

Today we’re proudly announcing that YouPads is now producing all mousepads locally in Berlin, Germany. All orders from now on will be handprinted and shipped out from here.

The only noticeable change is the shipping cost. In order to keep the same product price, we have to charge additional shipping costs. However, all of our shipments are processed by German Postal Services/DHL which means they’ll be arriving a lot faster. You are also able to track it on its way to you.

One last thing, being able to produce our products locally now also enables us to keep track of the waste and carbon that we produce. In addition to minimizing waste and always looking for new methods to save resources, we’re also compensating our carbon footprint by planting trees and helping with reforestation around the world.
So, every order will contribute to that with no additional costs on your side. 🙂

We’re really excited about this and hope to have you on our side as we continue this new chapter of our journey.


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