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Calamity Deskpad Drop

Limited Time

You’ve been asking for it, and it’s finally here! We’re launching a limited time Deskpad Drop where you and the community can vote on the design.

Deskpad Drop Roadmap

Updated March 21, 2022

Interest Check

We want to see if there's enough interest within the community while also getting their opinions on the design before launching a Group Buy.



Using the ideas that were suggested by the community, our artists are now creating a design to be printed onto the deskpads.


Group Buy

You'll be able to submit a pre-order for the Deskpad. This will let us know how many we need to produce while also raising the funds to do so successfully.


Once the Group Buy ends we'll order the Deskpad's and have them shipped out to the YouPads HQ.


As soon as the Deskpads arrive, we'll package them and ship them out individually to your doorsteps.